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I locked myself in a tower
and waited for prince charming
just like the girls in the fairytales
though secretly I hoped
he would never come

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pedestals were built for you
but you never stood there long

you chose the sturdy earth
and an ocean of unfamiliar faces
to make yourself at home
you embraced us as friends
dear to your guileless heart
close as family
more precious than gold

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An Unexpected Role Model

My sister is fourteen.

She laughs without reserve,
loves deeply and sincerely
and always tells you what’s on her mind.

She never apologises
for loving the things she loves,
even if people think her strange for it.

She has embraced herself wholeheartedly,
inhabited herself unapologetically.

I aspire to be like her.
Without reservation.

The funny thing is, she doesn’t even know
that just by existing,
she’s made me a better person.

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Hello From Amsterdam

Two weeks ago, on a painfully lonely Monday afternoon, my phone vibrated from across the room. I had half a mind not to pick it up. I was half asleep and generally regretting my own existence. Nonetheless, I stumbled out of bed.

I don’t usually get phone calls from anyone other than my parents (mostly because I never answer when anyone else calls) so I sort of warmed up from head to toe when a familiar name popped up on my screen, one I didn’t think I’d see for a while. My friend, Mo (who runs a blog called seasonal words abroad, go have a look) had arrived in Amsterdam where she’ll be staying for the next 6 months and I guess she was missing home a little. I mean, who wouldn’t if they were alone on a whole different continent.

We talked about all sorts of things – school, friends, the grown up the world and how it was different to what we imagined it would be, but perhaps better. We talked about our plans and how the future was scary. Mostly, talked about feeling a little lost.

We didn’t really exchange advice, from what I can remember. Yet, things just started to make a bit more sense after that talk, at least for me. It’s amazing what a willing ear and a few words of encouragement can do.

I will forever be so grateful for the people in my life. The ones who accept me without judgement though I can be strange and unbearable at times. They are always there for me, to support my grand schemes or comfort me on my lowest… even if they’re oceans away.

Mo, you said you really needed that phone call. But I needed it more. Thank you.