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Unseen beauty

I would have peeled back every layer of my skin for you and let you explore the vast caverns of my soul.

But, as I stood at the entrance, ready to lead you in, I felt your entire body tense up as if all the static in the air had formed a shell around you. I wanted to take your hand. “There’s nothing here to fear,” I would have said. But even as the thought crossed my mind, I looked inside and saw only darkness. Anyone would have been frightened, but you see, I would have handed you a flashlight. I would have been your personal guide.

Still, I watched you hesitate. Your eyes spoke volumes.They said that the shadows that jumped across the walls and danced around corners were too strange, too startling. And your eyes darted around, looking for a way to escape.

So I let go. I watched you leave and my heart sank to the depths of the Mariana Trench. But, I understood. This was no place to make your home.

I could have told you that if you struggled along the dark, dank passages for long enough you’d reach a light and at the centre of it all you would find a place where no shadows could reach. There you’d find a cave of crystals with walls washed in blue and golden light.

Within, there is lake as smooth and clear as a mirror and we could have sail blissfully on its glittering surface. I could have shown you so many beautiful things that no one else had ever seen. And when it was all over, I swear, I would have rowed you safely back to shore.

Still, I don’t regret letting you go. The journey to the unseen beauty is fraught with the kind of peril which I would wish on no one but myself.


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