Posted in Creative Writing

Forgotten Humanity

I am all but forgotten
in the minds of many.
A mere shadow in the subconscious
of a careless mind.

Why throw stones?
I rather like the smell of forget-me-nots.
Why break bones?
I rather like the idea of mending hearts.

I am but a silhouette
to the average passer-by.
A mere hindrance in their
quest for perfect lives.

Have I lost my mind?
I rather like the sound of insanity.
Is kindness a crime?
I rather like the idea of humanity.

[I haven’t been writing poetry for very long. I mean, I started writing songs when I was ten or eleven, and I guess that counts as poetry to some extent, but this poem – which I wrote in a grade 10 accounting class while I was meant to be paying attention – was the first one I wrote where I felt like, Hey, I might actually like doing this.]


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