Posted in Creative Writing


with the surprise of dawn
and the promise of  adventure,
we take life in stride,
we grow, we ache
subtly aware
that we’re often

still excitement
exudes from our skin
as we push beyond
what we’ve known,
what we’ve heard and seen.
we conquer regret,
push boundaries,
contend against a norm
set out to chain us
to a world
we can’t stand
and won’t stand for

too liberal,
selfish, wrong?


we are dreamers,
creators, lovers,
fighters and visionaries
who won’t settle
but set their own standards,
who aspire to more
than the world
has laid out for them

we will find direction
navigating the stars,
though unpredictable
life may be,
we remain courageous.
emotionally, we will
fight our battles
and experiment
with a future reimagined
to fix what’s broken


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