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Letters and Photographs

Once, you wrote me a letter. You were standing on the precipice of a spiral – whether up or down, you couldn’t tell. And you told me that you were afraid and that we made you brave.

The letter came with a picture you’d taken on one of our coffee-shop-afternoons and reminded me that you’ve always had a good eye for things, for people. The letter, the picture – they were mirrors held up to both of us, showing us parts of each other’s reflections and parts of our own that we hadn’t seen so clearly before.

Thank you for seeing me.

It’s two years later and I still have the letter. Sometimes I feel alone and afraid and it makes me brave.

[I honestly do not deserve the friends I have. They are the most thoughtful, incredible, talented bunch. The person I’ve based this on has a blog called Seasonal Words if you want to go have a glance.]


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