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Background noise

“Where has she been?” you’re probably wondering.

Well, I ventured into the dangerous and long forgotten realm of bad internet connections. Not to worry, though. I survived as well as anyone who’s obsessed with the internet can manage.

Basically, I got two weeks off school and spent a bit of time with my family. When I’m at home, I like to unplug, so to speak. Yes, initially it had a lot to do with the fact that I can hardly ever get a decent internet connection there, but with time I started to realise how much of our daily lives is just static – background noise.

Everything is so high-paced these days. We always have to have our finger on the pulse. It was nice to sit with my little siblings and have a proper conversation for a change, find out what’s been going on with them other than through social media.

Don’t me wrong. Social media has its merits. Too many of them it seems because I spend an unreasonable amount of time online, but it is nice to get away from all of that every once in a while and just silence all the background noise for a bit. It gives you a bit of space to think, a little room to connect in other ways.



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