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Building Bridges

Today was just…

I cannot begin to describe how grateful I am for the friends I have. Tonight, as we huddled together in a cafe, I sat back for a moment and thought, “Wow, I never thought I’d have friendships like they do in the movies.” I didn’t believe those existed.

I’ve often felt that if we’d all stood at a riverbank, my friends would be able to swim across and reach their dreams that lay on the other side and I’d be left alone – either too afraid to swim or to be swept away by the current. Only, my friends have shown me that it’s not always sink or swim. Friendship is about building bridges and leading each other across.

And as we sat around a table, laughing our heads off, my heart started racing. I am so excited for us. Bridges aren’t built overnight and crossing our little makeshift bridge may take some careful footwork but can’t help but feel that our story will have a happy ending.


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