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Little Steps

I’ve been craving change. Sudden change – a flash and a bang and something brand new emerging from the smoke. Unfortunately, change mostly doesn’t happen that way.

It’s frustrating when you’re ready to move forward in life and you’ve figured out which way to go, but your circumstances don’t allow it. I’m not particularly patient. When I see something within my grasp, I want to rush forward and grab it, without thinking about the landmines I might set off along the way.

This usually does more harm than good for me. I’m learning now to slow down a little. Big changes can start as little ones. Firstly, I’m going to start taking better care of myself: exercise, eat properly, take care of my skin, etc. I trimmed my hair the other day and I already feel a little bit like a better version of myself. There are so many little things we can do that will eventually add up and we’ll look back a few months and be surprised at how much can happen in that space of time if you’re willing to take the direction of your life into your own hands.

I’ll keep thinking big, but I’ll bear in mind that change can come in bite-sized pieces, too.



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