Life in Memories

Most of us won’t have biographies written about us someday. Most of us don’t want that. We’d prefer a quiet life, one where we are content. Still, even though our life story may not end up in print, it’s a story that will be written all the same – in memories. Make sure your story is one you can fall in love with.



Why do we write?

I started writing because it was cathartic, an escape from a troubling reality. However, the more I see of the world, the more I’m starting to think that we should use our writing to give a voice to those who do not have one. If they want us to, it’s our responsibility to tell their stories.


Holding on to your anger is like holding your breath for a long time. You feel the discomfort building until it becomes painful. Then, you let it out and it feels like breathing again for the first time. Learning to forgive is like that. It’s like breathing again for the first time.


I’ve begun to learn that courage is not always wrapped up in some great deed of heroism.
Sometimes, the choice to be yourself, unapologetically, is an act of courage all on its own.